I sewed my first nine-patch pillow when I was in elementary school, and my love of fabric has only increased since then. Although I've encountered and enjoyed many different media, my favorite corner of the art world is undoubtedly the one draped in textiles. I'd blush if I found out how much I've spent on irresistible fabrics and I own more than my fair share of sewing patterns. Diving into the world of print design near the end of high school was a natural next step.

          In my eyes, part of being a designer means pouring in effort to make the spaces around me lovely. I want the art I make and the life I shape to display the order, beauty, and redemption of this complicated and difficult world. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, my idea of a vibrant home, and the stories I encounter in my favorite works of literature.

         Enjoy a look through my portfolio and contact me with any questions, ideas, or potential projects! 

Elsa K