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Shibori Samplers

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I've been experimenting lately with what I'm calling "Shibori samplers." Pictured below is one that features four different stitching techniques. The top rows of circles were created with basic rows of stitching around the circumference. The other circles show off what happens when you change the stitch pattern. How about stitching across the circle in straight lines? Or stitching around the circumference and wrapping the extra thread around the inner material?

Shibori work includes so many variables, that each piece is unique no matter what. For these three pieces, even though the stitching techniques are the same, at least four other important factors affected the outcome.

1) the amount of time the fabric was left in the dye bath

2) the consistency of stirring while in the dye bath

3) the time spent in between dips

4) whether the fabric was put in the bath already wet or still dry.

Flexibility is essential and sometimes frustrating, but the possibilities are truly endless and exciting...

-Elsa K


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